Philips SCD630 Video Baby monitor is diligently designed to ensure a secure connection between parents and their baby. In addition to helping you see your baby at all times, the Philips Avent SCD630 Video Baby Monitor also encases other interesting features that will surely keep your baby well looked after all the time.

Philips SCD630 Video Baby monitor is worth every penny!

Philips Avent SCD630 Video Baby Monitor uses FHSS; Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology. Philips Video Baby Monitor ensures a secure and reliable connection between you and your baby. Philips AVENT’s amazing feature FHSS prevents interference which means that you can hear your baby’s voice clearly without any glitches. Philips AVENT Video Baby Monitor has a 3.5” high resolution color screen and an infra-red night vision. The infra-red night vision of Philips Video Baby Monitor automatically switches on in the dark so that the camera can capture the baby clearly even at night.

Another interesting feature of SCD630 Baby Monitor is that it can be activated by a certain frequency of voice, so in voice activation mode the screen won’t stay on at all times but would light up when the baby starts crying. Philips SCD630 Video Baby monitor’s wonderful feature saves power so that the device can serve its purpose for longer duration. After all, the only time to really need to see your baby is when he is crying. It also has a talk back feature by which you can talk to your baby to calm him down and make him feel that you are near. Philips AVENT SCD630 Video Baby Monitor is very reliable device for over-night monitoring because of it excellent operating time and a crystal clear infrared night vision.

Philips AVENT SCD630 Video Baby Monitor Quality Specifications

  • Wireless, night vision
  • Equipped with re-chargeable battery
  • 3.5 inches standing screen display size  
  • LED-backlit
  • Equipped with night vision Sensor technology
  • Workable at a range of 900+ feet
  • 100% private connection
  • Fully portable and quite simple to use
Pros of Philips AVENT SCD630 Video Baby Monitor
  • Enables you to monitor the child from anywhere in the home
  • Helps you maintain a secure connection with your little one
  • Philips AVENT SCD630 has got an excellent sound quality that helps you listen to the baby clearly
  • Philips Video Baby Monitor’s high resolution 3.5” color screen provides you the best images
  • Equipped with an automatic infra-red night vision to monitor the baby at night too
  • It covers a range up to 900+ feet easily
  • It has been designed beautifully and its quality is excellent
  • Has a long battery life
Cons of Philips AVENT SCD630 Video Baby Monitor
  • Voice is not clear if you do not press the talk button for a second before start speaking
  • Poor lullabies selection


Philips AVENT SCD630 Video Baby Monitor enables you to keep your little one in your constant care. You can watch, listen and even talk with your baby with the amazing features, the device boats. Philips SCD630 Video Baby monitor helps you continue your household work without the hassle of carrying the child all the time with you. Using Philips AVENT Video Baby Monitor, you have a secure connection with your kid even being at a distance. Philips AVENT SCD630 Video Baby Monitor’s most stunning feature is that its screen and volume starts working as your baby begins crying. It has also a backup battery function that remains it working in case of power failure. Being such a features-packed monitoring device, Philips AVENT SCD630 is the need of all parents.