DM221-2 baby monitor reviewsAs parents, the most important thing will always be the safety of our children. When they are very young, it will be essential to have the best baby monitor that will keep them under surveillance and we will give us the security that we can move around the house, being sure that it is well in your room. Today we will be talking about the VTech DM221-2 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor review.

Factors such as coverage range, sharpness in audio and video, as well as features as functional as an intercom to be able to speak to our children, will be some of the fundamental characteristics that should incorporate the best baby monitor.

A two-parent-unit package, the Safe & Sound DM221-2 DECT 6.0 Digital Audio Baby Monitor enables you to hear your infant from any room in the house, giving you genuine feelings of serenity anyplace, whenever. The two parent units are effortlessly cut to your belt or pocket, empowering you to convey them as you approach your day. The two-route, argue radio and the framework’s long range let you stay in contact with your infant from any room or even outside.


  • Long battery time:

Give parent unit up to 18 hours of checking time on a solitary charge, or utilize two AAA batteries

  • Best range:

The operating range of the parent unit is up to 1000 feet outdoors or indoors 150 feet

  • Vibration:

There is a vibrator that alerts you if your baby cries, and also there is an alert sound in the parent unit.

  • This arrangement incorporates two parent units (screen) and a child unit (sound screen).
  • DECT 6.0 gives perfectly clear transmission, taking out the irritating repetitive sound get notification from simple screens.
  • 5 levels sound marker – realistic bars in the parent unit demonstrate the sound level in your child’s room so you can outwardly control the commotion level with the quieted unit.
  • At times all your child needs is to hear the sound of your voice – comfort your infant with the 2-route argue.
  • The parents away from a computer cannot control this wireless device during the day.
  • Temperatures cannot be controlled well as you are not physically present with a child.
  • This night vision function is expensive, however, the other option is a built-in night light at the base of the transmitter

Final Verdict of VTech DM221-2 Review

This VTech DM221-2 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor review is enough if you are in dire need of the best baby monitor as this one works perfectly for all kids. You can also try different models of best vtech baby monitors. This monitor has a clear or crystal clear audio that will allow you to listen to what your child does while you are dedicated to other activities in a different room of the house. Its configuration is fast and the controls are very simple to adjust, which means that you will be assured that the cries or crying of the small will reach you wherever you are. Are you looking forward to it!